Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life



Welcome to your new home away from home. Our founder Prophet, President David O. McKay envisioned you and made this most profound utterance about you in his dedicatory payer: “… From this school… will go men and women whose influence will be felt for good towards the establishment of peace internationally.” He also said this school is being built for “the things pertaining to God and His kingdom,” and that “this school is going to produce leaders … not only on this island, but everywhere.  All the world is hungering for them . . .” It is now our great opportunity to make those prophetic utterance a reality.

Your success will depend primarily on how you exercise your agency.  In this unique environment you will develop a Christ-like Character who embraces the integration of faith and reason as the supreme method of learning. (Seek learning even... by faith.)

Will you seriously study the following documents, located either on our website or in the BYU-Hawaii catalog:

  1. The BYU-HAWAII Mission Statement.
  2. The BYU-HAWAII code of Honor. 
  3. The BYU-HAWAII Dress and Grooming Standards


I promise you that if you will study, understand and choose to apply the principles outlined in these documents, you will embody the fulfillment of President McKay’s prophesy.

Enjoy your most unique “Voyage of Faith” here at BYU-Hawaii.

With much Aloha,
Isileli T. Kongaika
V.P. for Student Life
And Dean of Students