Shots Fired

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The university has obtained the rights to show Shots Fired - When Lightning Strikes and Flash Point - Recognizing and Preventing Violence on Campus to students and employees.

Shots Fired and Flash Point; are both a 20-minute training video by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety that we hope will be helpful to you. 

While it offers no guarantee of survival or solution to problems the video provides valuable guidance and awareness for surviving an active shooter situation and other forms of behaviors of concern that may occur on campus.

School Version - Recommended for Students and Faculty in a classroom environment.

play videoShots fired Campus play videoFlash Point on Campus

Office Version - Recommended for employees in a business environment.

play videoShots fired Office play videoFlash Point Office

**Please note that these videos are copyrighted by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety. Any rebroadcast or reproduction is prohibited.**

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