Parking Permits

To obtain a parking permit, the following documents must be presented at the BYUH Security Office:

For vehicles and motorcycles:

  • Current state vehicle registration card
  • Current no-fault insurance card
  • Current vehicle safety inspection card
  • Valid drivers license
  • Current BYUH ID card
  • $5.00 fee

For bicycles and mopeds:

  • Current state registration, proof of ownership or bill of sale (if none, a signed statement will suffice)
  • Current BYUH ID card
  • $3.00 fee

Parking permits may be purchased at the Security Office Monday - Fridays from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  You may pick up an application form at the Security Office or complete an online application form located below.

All students, faculty, and staff members are required to have a current BYUH parking permit.

Application Form

Fill out the online application form.


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